Hitachi Beef: Top 5 Japanese Beef (wagyu) in Japan

Famously known for having the same quality as the very popular Kobe Beef, Hitachi Beef is one of the most affordable beefs to purchase while maintaining its high quality.

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Healthiest Locally Farmed Chicken From Daigo, Ibaraki

Locally farmed using the most modern techniques in order to bring customers a perfect combination of non-fatty but tasty chicken from Daigo City in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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Private Onsen Experience in Inawashiro

The only Japanese Style Inn (ryokan) located in Japan that boasts 11 private rooms all equipped with their own luxurious hot spring (onsen). If you want to experience a relaxing vacation, we highly recomend this hotel.

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The Best Japanese Sake for Women

Fan of Japanese Sake (Alcohol)? Introducing the top class sake from Inawashiro, popular for women as it is easy to drink because of how sweet and light the alcohol is.

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