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Definition of each household composition

  • ※1 "Dual-income" refers to cases where a person pays local taxes, and does not receive spousal (special) deductions. (When the spouse's salary income is 1.41 million yen or over)
  • ※2 "Single-income couple" refers to cases where the spouse of the person who pays local taxes does not receive an income. (When the person making the tax payment receives spousal deduction)
  • ※3 "High school student" refers to a dependent relative aged between 16 and 18, and "college student" refers to a dependent relative aged between 19 and 22.
  • ※4 Children below the age of junior high school do not need to be included in this calculation, as they have no effect on deductible amounts. For example, "single-income couple with one child (elementary school aged)" leads to the same amount as "single-income couple". Additionally, "single-income couple with two children (high school aged and junior high school aged)" leads to the same amount as "single-income couple with one child (high school aged)".

Please agree to the following article before proceeding to the website

Article 1: Members

1. The term "member" refers to an individual who applies for membership upon agreeing with these terms and conditions, in accordance with the procedure stipulated by our company.
2. The term "member information" refers to information which a member has disclosed to our company in regard to their attributes, as well as member transaction history and so on.
3. These terms and conditions apply to all members, and are to be complied with during and after the registration process.

Article 2: Registration

1. Membership qualification
After agreeing to these terms and conditions, customers who have applied for the prescribed membership will qualify as members after the prescribed registration procedure has been completed. The procedure to register as a member should be completed by the person who will become that member. It is not permitted for the procedure to be carried out in proxy by another party. Our company may refuse a membership application from a person who has had their membership revoked in the past, or who is deemed unsuitable.

2. Entering member information
When registering as a member, please carefully read the items of caution regarding input, and correctly enter the necessary items on the prescribed form. Special symbols, old character forms, and Roman numerals cannot be used in member information registration; when these characters are registered, we will change it.

3. Password management
(1) Passwords can only be used by the member himself/herself, and cannot be transferred or lent to third parties.
(2) Passwords must be managed responsibly by the member himself/herself (for example, changing the password periodically so that it will not become known to others, etc.) 
(3) The declaration of intention given to our company when using the password is regarded is being the declaration of intention of the member themselves, and any payments, etc. which occur because of this are the responsibility of the member.

Article 3: Changes

1. The member shall promptly notify our company if there are any changes in the information provided to our company, such as name, address, etc.
2. Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by changes of registration information not taking place. Additionally, even if changes of registration information take place, please be aware that in the case of transactions that have already been processed before the changes are made, those transactions will be based on the information that was provided prior to the change.

Article 4: Withdrawal of membership

If a member wishes to withdraw from membership, he or she should complete the withdrawal procedure themselves. After the prescribed withdrawal procedure is completed, they will have their membership withdrawn.

Article 5: Loss of membership, and duty to provide compensation

1. If a member has made a false declaration at the time of applying for membership, or has neglected to meet their obligation to make payment for mail order sales, or is deemed unsuitable as a member for other reasons, then our company will be able to cancel their membership.
2. If a member has conducted any of the following acts, they will be responsible for compensating for the damages incurred by our company.
(1) Illegitimate use of membership number/password
(2) Accessing our homepage and tampering with information, sending a harmful computer program to our homepage, or obstructing our business in other ways
(3) Infringing upon the intellectual property rights of products handled by our company
(4) Other acts that are contrary to these terms and conditions

Article 6: Handling of membership information

1. In principle, we do not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent of the members. However, in the case of the following circumstances, our company shall be able to disclose customer information such as member information without prior consent of the member.
(1) When disclosure is requested based on laws and ordinances
(2) When our company determines that it is necessary to protect our rights, profits, reputation, etc.
2. Member information will be managed by our company in accordance with "our initiatives to protect personal information". Our company shall be able to use member information for the purpose of providing services to members, improving the content of services, promoting the usage of services, and ensuring that services operate in a secure and smooth fashion.
3. Our company shall be able to provide information to members (including advertisements), via email magazines or other means.
If a member does not wish to receive this information, our company will stop providing that information if the member notifies our company via the means prescribed by our company. However, it is not possible for members to request cancellation of information provided that is considered necessary for service operations.

Article 7: Prohibitions

We prohibit members from conducting any of the following acts when using this service.
1. Violating these terms and conditions, or violating the law, or the cautions arising when using this service or when purchasing items via this service, or other violations of these terms and conditions, etc.
2. Damaging the rights, profits, or reputation of our company and/or third parties
3. Acting in a fashion that may adversely affect the physical and mental conditions of young people, or conducting other acts contrary to public order and morals
4. Acting in a way that annoys or causes discomfort to other users or to other third parties
5. Entering false information
6. Sending harmful computer programs, sending or writing harmful e-mails, etc.
7. Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers
8. Lending or transferring passwords to third parties, or sharing passwords with third parties
9. Other acts deemed inappropriate by our company

Article 8: Interruption/suspension of service, etc.

1. In order to maintain well-functioning service operations, our company may suspend all or part of provision of this service without notice in the following circumstances.
(1) When necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
(2) When system loads become high
(3) When operating the system becomes difficult due to fire, blackout, interference by a third party, etc.
(4) In other cases, if we decide that stopping the system is necessary and unavoidable

Article 9: Changes to service/abolition of service

Based on that judgment, our company can change or abolish all or part of the services as necessary without prior notice.

Article 10: Disclaimer

1. Our company takes no responsibility for damages to members which may occur in regard to this service, such as system disruption, delay, cancellation or data loss due to failure of communication lines or computers, etc., or damage caused by unauthorized access of data.
2. Our company does not guarantee that harmful items (computer viruses, etc.) are not included in the mail or contents send from our company's web pages, servers, domains, etc.
3. Our company does not take any responsibility for damages caused by members violating these terms and conditions.

Article 11: Revision of this agreement

Our company shall be able to arbitrarily revise these terms and conditions, as well as being able to establish terms and conditions to supplement these terms and conditions (hereinafter, referred to as "supplementary terms and conditions"). Revision or supplementation of these terms and conditions will take effect when the revised or supplementary conditions are posted on our company's designated website. In this event, the member will comply with the revised terms and conditions, and supplementary terms and conditions.

Article 12: Governing law & court of competent jurisdiction

In the event that a dispute arises in regards to these terms and conditions, the district court that holds jurisdiction in our company's head office location shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction of the first instance.


Regarding your personal information

Please agree to the following article before proceeding to the website(Terms of Use)