Izumisano cityOne day experience at Inunaki-Yama Shippouryuji of Shingon sect

No. A009
Donation amount ¥ 5,000
  • ・One day Shugen tour (1)
    ・Lucky charm (1)
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Izumisano city

For people who want to experience the training at the Shugendo under the directions of Inunaki-yama monk, we will be visiting the shrines and houses of Inunaki-yama and meditate by sitting under the water fall at Gyojya no Taki.
Unfortunately for Omine-zan, women aren't able to get in, however, women can participate the training at Inunaki-zan, which is known as the "Female Omine-zan" instead as many female practice there.

Held every third Sunday of the month, with the exceptions of December to Feburary.

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