Kawakita Town, Ishikawa PrefectureKisuien Meal Ticket

No. 55280017
Donation amount ¥ 30,000
  • 株式会社喜水苑
  • Meal for two Ticket
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Kawakita Town, Ishikawa Prefecture
Meal voucher

Published on the Toyama Ishikawa edition of the 2016 Michelin Guide, the store was praised for being comfortable as well as having a variety of room sizes and accessible to all group sizes. Through all seasons, the inner garden gives a pleasant atmosphere. They serve fish taken from the Ishikawa and Hashidate ports, fresh selected from the market and served in seasonal dishes. In winter, there are crab parties, and in summer there are Somen noodle washings, all prepared by world award holding chefs.

※Picture is a representation
※Ticket usable for up to one year after purchase
※Reserve before use
※There may be some days where there may be full reservations and no seats available
※If you have any allergies, please tell us at the reservation ※Please contact us when cancelling

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