Uenohara City, Yamanashi PrefectureAkiyama Onsen Ticket, Food Included (2 people)

No. 57590132
Donation amount ¥ 20,000
  • シダックス大新東ヒューマンサービス(株)秋山温泉
  • Akiyama Onsen Ticket (2 people)
Application period
Apply by January, 2018
Application for this item has ended.
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Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Meal voucher
Onsen Entrance Ticket

This is a ticket for entry to the Akiyama Onsen and a meal for one person. Akiyama Onsen is known for its alkaline springs which is heated to just about body temperature. Stay in the water for half an hour and your skin will be very smooth. After enjoying the hot srpings, have a nice relaxing meal afterwards.

※Picture is a representation
※Ticket can only be used until Feb. 28, 2018
※After acquiring the ticket, please reserve through telephone ※Depending on events and reservations, you may not be able to reserve the day you want.

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    • シダックス大新東ヒューマンサービス(株)秋山温泉
    • Akiyama Onsen Ticket (2 people)
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    Apply by January, 2018
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